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Bathroom Remodeling in Spring, TX

For those who desire to get the most out of their bathroom layout, we provide plans created by our interior developer. Begin your bathroom remodeling with an indoor design that’s hand crafted by a specialist specially for your needs and floor plan restraints. Not only is Sweet Home Builders able to handle your bathroom plumbing and also remodeling work, we are able to make sure your project starts on the right foot by planning the project as a whole. Seeing potential pitfalls that might have occurred along the way if not taken into consideration. 

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that experts with years of experience are working to bring out the best out of your bathroom. 

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A Job Well Done

Our goal is to get the job done right the first time. Since we take care of every step from A to Z, we have full control over the remodeling process. This gives us the benefit of making sure everything goes according to plan. 

We are meticulous almost to a fault. Since we want to make sure everything in your bathroom remodel is perfect, we make sure we tick all the boxes necessary to leave no room for error. 

Whether you are searching for a brand-new shower, bathtub combo, or  redoing the whole bathroom;  anticipate your brand-new space to be a haven of peace that’s just as practical as it is comfortable.

From color schemes to hand towel placement we will review everything that goes into creating the perfect restroom for you.  

Beautiful Designs

We’re well versed in many design styles. From antique designs to contemporary and modern bathrooms, we will help you choose what look will work best for your bathroom remodel.

What’s important is not only that your bathroom is beautiful, but that it fits as a cohesive piece to your home’s general design.

If you have a few general ideas of what you want your restroom to look like but you need help deciding or fleshing out an idea; our designers will be more than happy to help choose the right style and design for your next bathroom remodel.

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